Wedding Bucket List

I’ll shoot your wedding for free. 


A long time ago I set out to make it my goal to shoot a wedding on every continent. After realizing that I’m probably never going to find a couple who wants to get married on Antartica I decided to make a new goal; shoot as many weddings as possible all over the world. I love experiencing people, places and things and below is a list (in no particular order) of places I’d like to experience. If your wedding or elopement is going to be happening in one of the places below, I’ll shoot it for free as long as you cover my hotel & air fare. Heck…if you’re already married and want to go somewhere romantic for an anniversary photoshoot, I’d be down for that too.

Now, if you are having a totally badass wedding in a place that’s equally badass but isn’t on the list below….don’t worry. Hit me up and let’s see what we can do.

Travel Areas: Paris, Capri, Florence, Barcelona, India, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Jordan, Banff, Yosemite
Requirement: Wedding must have less than 40 guests